A Luminess Tan Review. From a boyfriend.

A boyfriend's review of the Luminess Tan airbrush make up system

This Luminess Tan review is to tell you what I thought of my Luminess experience – with my girlfriend. I haven't tried Luminess myself because I work in the sun all day, so the last thing I need is to worry about a tan. But I thought you might appreciate another viewpoint, so here goes…

Firstly, if you don't know what the Luminess Tan is, take a look at this video

When my girlfriend first told me she was ordering a tanning product that included not only the self-tanner but an airbrush, too, of course I told her she was nuts. Why go to all that trouble when all you have to do is step out into the sun for a little while and get a free tan? Well, after she got done telling me about skin cancer and the harmful effects of the sun’s UV rays, I figured I better just let her do as she pleased.

But she's right. More and more people are foregoing sunbathing and covering up when they do have to be outside. Overexposure to the harmful UV rays can have an aging effect on your skin, and it's worse if you have a very light complexion, not to mention things like melanoma and skin cancer.

I was just as curious as she was when the package arrived, and we both dug in to see what this airbrush was like. You know how men are about tools and machines. Turns out my girlfriend already knew how it worked because she'd worked with one in her art classes. So she was able to quickly put everything together and get started on the tanning.

After she showed me how to use the airbrush, I helped her do her back and the backs of her legs so she'd have that natural, seamless finish they promised. Seems to me that's the only drawback. I think anyone would need help with that part.

Later that evening she jumped into the shower to wash the tanner off and already had the start of a nice, even, golden-brown tan. Then the next morning when she got up, she called to say she was headed to the beach to show it off. Of course, I had to follow along to keep those other guys away.

Ok don't tell anyone, but I tried it out myself to even out my pale bits.

The point of my Luminess Tan review is to let you know that it's very important to avoid the harsh rays from the sun that have such a damaging effect on your skin. And remember to invite your boyfriend over to help when you order your Luminess Tan Airbrush kit.

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